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Adam Kay
Adam Kay

Your guide to what's on across the region this week.

Monday 15 October


THE BLACK LION, OLD TOWN, BRIDLINGTON: Poker league, starts at 7pm, all welcome with free supper.


THE McCARTHY, STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE, SCARBOROUGH: Kukunor Kalahari - Meet Hari and Nor: two guards who have found themselves stationed on opposite sides of the border for six years, 7.45pm.

GRAND OPERA HOUSE, YORK: The Full Monty - The Play by Simon Beaufoy, 7.30pm

Tuesday 16 October


SEABIRDS, FORTYFOOT, BRIDLINGTON: Bingo every Tuesday at 2.30pm.

THE FRIENDLY FORESTER, BRIDLINGTON: Smart Phone Quiz from 9pm. Free entry.

OLD SHIP INN, BRIDLINGTON: Quiz night from 9pm.

THE WHITE HORSE, BEMPTON: Quiz, 9pm start. Free entry.


THE ROUND, STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE, SCARBOROUGH: Adam Kay - This is Going to Hurt (Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor), 7.30pm.

GRAND OPERA HOUSE, YORK: The Full Monty - The Play by Simon Beaufoy, 7.30pm


SPA THEATRE, SCARBOROUGH: The Billy Joel Songbook performed by Elio Pace and his band, 7.30pm.

NORTHERN LIGHTS SUITE, WHITBY PAVILION: Afternoon tea dance with Ray Kirk, 2pm.

Wednesday 17 October


THE GEORGE HOTEL, WHITBY: Karaoke with Keith from 9:30pm.

THE BOARD INN, WHITBY: Quiz night, 9pm.

THE STATION INN, WHITBY: Ray Randall, 9pm.

THE IVANHOE, SCARBOROUGH: Barry Robinson Big Quiz, 8pm.

THE FRIENDLY FORESTER, BRIDLINGTON: Red Tooth Poker Night starting at 8pm.

SEABIRDS, FORTYFOOT, BRIDLINGTON: Quiz and games night every Wednesday night at 8pm.

OLD SHIP INN, BRIDLINGTON: Bingo night from 8pm.

THE BEACONSFIELD ARMS, BRIDLINGTON: Free pool table from 1pm until 8pm.


GRAND OPERA HOUSE, YORK: The Full Monty - The Play by Simon Beaufoy, 2.30pm and 7.30pm


SPA OCEAN ROOM, SCARBOROUGH: Dine and Dance, 7.30pm, tickets £14.50.

Thursday 18 October



THE NELSON, SCARBOROUGH: Karaoke, 7pm until late.

NAGS HEAD, SCALBY: "All Ears" Open Mic Session with Phil Hooley from 9pm.

BONHOMMES BAR, FILEY: Fun quiz and games night.

NEWLANDS PUB, SCARBOROUGH: Free pub quiz from 9pm.

HIGHLANDER BAR, ESPLANADE, SCARBOROUGH: Fun trivia quiz and Play Your Cards Right, 9pm.

THE GEORGE HOTEL, WHITBY: Open Mic Night from 9:30pm.

BOARD INN, WHITBY: Carl Robinson, 9pm.

LOBSTER POT, BRIDLINGTON: Quiz Night with Pete Ray at 8pm every Thursday.

MON-FORT HOTEL, BRIDLINGTON: Pub quiz with supper: 9pm.

THE OLD SHIP INN, BRIDLINGTON: Karaoke with Lena from 8pm.

VICTORIA CLUB, BRIDLINGTON: Quiz followed by ‘Play your Cards Right’ and win a gallon of beer. Starting 9pm.



SPA THEATRE, SCARBOROUGH: Stewart Francis: Into the Punset, 8pm.

GRAND OPERA HOUSE, YORK: The Full Monty - The Play by Simon Beaufoy, 7.30pm.


INSPIRED BY … GALLERY, DANBY: Two exhibitions run to Tuesday 16 October. Forwards and Backwards - Cleveland Fibre Arts showcase their knowledge of traditional local crafts and textiles in a wide-ranging exhibition. Earth, Sea and Sky - Working in watercolour Jake Jones focuses on light and atmosphere to create pieces inspired by the constantly changing beauty of the North York Moors and coast. Free entry. Open 10am-5pm.

HELMSLEY ARTS CENTRE: Beth Hodges Exhibition - Beth Hodges’ work seeks to celebrate the colour, texture and rhythms of the landscape. Mainly a painter of oils, Beth has recently been employing a variety of media with which to express the energy of landscape including charcoal, ink and linoprint. Beth begins her work outside where the raw subject and light are key and then develops the painting in her studio in Worcestershire. Beth gained a B Ed at Cambridge, specialising in art under the direction of Philip Rundall. For many years she was a student under Cecily Sash, the renowned South African artist, based in the Welsh Borders. As a teacher of primary aged children, she is enthusiastically committed to the importance of art in the curriculum now more than ever, that it must be diverse in range, inclusive and fun.. Exhibition runs from Tuesday 9 October to Friday 2 November. Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-3pm, Thursday 11am-3pm.

BECK ISLE MUSEUM, PICKERING: Sun, sea and sandals - holiday fashion through the ages exhibition runs until Saturday 24 November. Open from 10am-4pm, February, March, October and November and from 10am-5pm April through to September.

SCARBOROUGH ART GALLERY, THE CRESCENT: ScarboroArt. Taking inspiration from the seascapes in the Scarborough Collections and the human impact on our coastline, four artists have created new artwork tackling the issue of plastic waste pollution. The exhibition, which will be on display at Scarborough Art Gallery, features work from artists Kane Cunningham, Rachel Messenger, Justin DL and Janet White. Their inspired works highlight the significant link between the incredible seascape scenes within our collections compared to the very real danger and impact man-made material waste such as plastic have on our seas. The exhibition runs Sunday 6 January. Open Tuesday to Sunday and bank holiday Mondays, 10am to 5pm.

SCARBOROUGH ART GALLERY, THE CRESCENT: Scarborough Art Gallery is pleased to host this touring exhibition featuring 16 works by Sylvia Pankhurst. In the centenary year for Women’s Suffrage in Britain – when women over 30 got the right to vote for the first time – this exhibition displays a selection of paintings and pastels by Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960). The daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Women’s Social and Political Union, Sylvia was a prominent Suffragette, and later an anti-fascist campaigner, as well as an artist. She trained at Manchester School of Art, winning the prize for best female student in 1901 and going on to win a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, London. Pankhurst travelled round England and Scotland in 1907, recording the lives of working women she met in the pottery, shoe-making, fishing and spinning industries, among others. She worked quickly, trying to convey the truth of what she saw, without prettiness or pathos. At this time in her life, Pankhurst was deciding on her own path – was she to devote herself to art or to campaigning for votes for women? While she managed both for some years, by 1912 her decision was made. This exhibition reveals that a true artist was lost when the Suffragettes gained a champion.The exhibition runs to Sunday 6 January. Open Tuesday to Sunday and bank holiday Mondays, 10am to 5pm.

SCARBOROUGH MARITIME HERITAGE CENTRE, EASTBOROUGH: Our current exhibition is MV CORONIA - This specially built passenger ship started work in Scarborough in 1935 but was requisitioned during World War Two. After the war she operated here until 1968 when she moved to Poole and was renamed Bournemouth Queen. She later worked in Scotland as Queen of the Scots and eventually ended up in the river Medway as Rochester Queen where she still lies. Our exhibition has lots of fascinating stories and photos about her career. Alongside this exhibition we have all our previous exhibition information in browser files alongside a well stocked reference library and archive of local history and maritime books and literature. Open 11am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday.

ROTUNDA MUSEUM, SCARBOROUGH: Star Carr Display. Star Carr is one of the most important Early Middle Stone Age sites ever found and it is right on our doorstep; only a few miles south of Scarborough. The site, which stood on the edge of a now extinct lake called Lake Flixton, was discovered in the late 1940s and dates from around 11,000 years ago. The range of artefacts found at Star Carr and scientific studies of the landscape have revealed more about life at the time than any other site in the world. An exciting new permanent display at The Rotunda Museum will showcase objects from Star Carr and help to tell the story of how our Stone Age ancestors lived. This will be the first time for many years that items from Scarborough’s Star Carr collection will have been on display, so don’t miss your chance to see them. Runs to 31 December 2018.Open Tuesday to Sunday, and bank holiday Mondays, 10am to 5pm.

ROTUNDA MUSEUM, SCARBOROUGH: Ancient Seas of the Yorkshire Coast - A story through time from Whitby to Flamborough Head. The Rotunda’s new exhibition dives into Yorkshire’s ancient seas and brings visitors face to face with a range of prehistoric creatures. The display covers almost 360 million years of history; from the Carboniferous period until the end of the last Ice Age 11,700 years ago. Come along to learn about how our landscape has developed over millions of years and which wonderful creatures once called Yorkshire home through our fascinating collection of fossils and specially commissioned reconstructions of what marine life was like millions of years ago. How were the cliffs at Flamborough formed? What terrifying creatures once hunted their prey in Yorkshire waters? How long ago did rhinoceros, hippopotamus and hyenas roam Yorkshire soil? All of this and more can be discovered in Ancient Seas of the Yorkshire Coast. A Story Through Time from Whitby to Flamborough Head runs until 19 July 2020. Open Tuesday to Sunday, and bank holiday Mondays, 10am to 5pm.

SKIDBY WINDMILL, COTTINGHAM, EAST YORKSHIRE: Current exhibition is about care in the East Riding before the National Health Service. The exhibition runs to 11 December 2018. Open 10am-5pm.

SEWERBY HALL MUSEUM: Exhibition - Magic in the Nursery! The founding fathers of the modern children’s picture book in Britain, if not the world, were the late Victorians Walter Crane and Randolph Caldecott. This exhibition, however, is not simply a collection of these beautiful and imaginative children’s illustrations by Victorian masters but one that will enthral children, inspire parents and invigorate grandparents. The exhibition runs until Sunday 25 November. Open Monday-Sunday, 9am-4.30pm.