RAF Fylingdales history to be unveiled in new Whitby exhibition

The iconic RAF Fylingdales golf balls under construction.
The iconic RAF Fylingdales golf balls under construction.

A new exhibition in Whitby makes public for the first time objects from RAF Fylingdales Archive, alongside new works by Dr Michael Mulvihill, artist in residence at the RAF base for the past three years.

The Unblinking Eye: 55 Years of Space Operations on Fylingdales Moor presents new research on the history and effects of RAF Fylingdales in local, national and international contexts.

It also highlights the North York Moors’ integral role in international space monitoring and cultural legacy of the iconic ‘golf balls’.

The exhibition, at Whitby Museum from this Saturday to November 3, is structured in three sections:

• drawing and RCA trade magazines

• space operations (showing photos and sculptures from RAF Fylingdales)

• art and archive at RAF Fylingdales

There is also a series of public programme events and an exhibition catalogue.Remembering the Golf Balls, Saturday, August 31, noon to 4pm, Drop-in Oral History Collection

A one-day event in which the public will share their accounts and stories of RAF Fylingdales from early construction to contemporary operations.

Military Landscapes, 
Sunday, September 8, 
11am to 2pm

Dr Michael Mulvihill and Professor Rachel Woodward, human geographer specialising in military geographies, Newcastle University, will lead a walk along the Lyke Wake Walk towards RAF Fylingdales.

The Unblinking Eye: Thursday, September 19, 6pm to 7.30pm, public talk

Dr Mulvihill and Professor Richard Clay, Professor of Digital Cultures, Newcastle University, discuss the artist residency, the making of the BBC Radio Four programme Two Minutes to Midnight, exploring why we are no longer afraid of nuclear annihilation – and whether we should be.

Visit whitbymuseum.org.uk/special-events-2/ to book.