Blessing of church window in honour of Nicholas Postgate


Hundreds of people flocked to catch a glimpse of the beautiful stained glass window dedicated to Father Nicholas Postgate, which was blessed and donated to St Hedda’s Church, Egton Bridge.

Around 350 people packed into the church to honour the person known as ‘the martyr of the moors’ and who is considered to be a saint.



Bishop of Middlesbrough, Terry Drainey, celebrated the Mass and was pressing for Father Postgate to be declared a saint following a visit to Rome.

He said: “We need to promote the cause more and more.

“The window picture should help people to grow in devotion to the man who roamed paths on the Yorkshire Moors.”

The window was given by parishioner Lady Normanby to the church and was made by nationally-known artist Thomas Denny.

Josephine Swain of Our Lady and St Peter’s parish said the window was beautiful.

Her son Daniel said: “I like the figure of the windswept priest walking across the moors.”

Bernard Connelly of Osmotherly said: “Prayer needs to be encouraged.

“It is easy for people to forget Blessed Nicholas though locals in the Esk Valley regard him as a saint.”