Whitby students bring ancient Egypt to life

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Colebrooke Media revisited the times of ancient Egypt for their third Drama and Dance Children’s Workshop.

Performers at Colebrooke Media set themselves the task of staging ‘The Prince of Egypt’ in just five days.

In order to achieve this, the children had to learn a total of three new dance routines, choreographed by Chris Colebrooke and Izzy Moloney and a 25 minute script, written by, Learning Co-ordinator, Josh Harrison.

The parents, of the performing children, complimented the team on their excellent posters, designed by new Head of Technical Services, Lydia Stephens.

Parents said the posters were very clear and easy to read, helping to get the children “very excited” for their show.

Colebrooke Media was founded in April 2010,creating shows like the successful Whitbyloo Road.

After their third year they teamed up with local business, The LP Dance Centre and produced, the time travelling, ‘Dancing Through the Ages’.

They celebrate the start of their fifth year in just over a month.