Sleights’ Studio 2 acting school

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A stage school in Sleights is celebrating after one of its students became the youngest-ever to pass a prestigious acting exam.

Youngster Lola Close was among a number of students from Studio 2 who achieved outstanding results in their Northac International Theatre Examination Committee’s exams and theatre school auditions.

School principal Jeff Loy, who has over 50 years acting experience, said: “As always, I’m delighted with the standards attained by my students. John Hall was the examiner and he said ‘once again the standard at Studio 2 is way over anything he has seen anywhere else.”

For the first time since Studio 2 was established, acting coach Jeff Loy included a five-year-old student for the assessment, and Lola was successful in gaining her ‘Pre-prep’ medal and grade three certificate.

At the other end of the scale, Tim Offa-Jones of Sleights achieved platinum honours, while Morgan Elder and Becky Blythman, also of Sleights, achieved a gold medal.

Other successful candidates were Richard and Andrew Cooper, Rebecca Arundel and Taylor Hall. Taylor’s mum, Jaqui, said: “I have watched my daughter grow into a remarkable young actress over the few years that Mr Loy has been teaching her. He has a great gift for getting the best out of his pupils and she would not miss this experience for anything.”

Among the junior entries, Abigail Featherstone of Whitby, Clementine Bentley and Nina Close also achieved success.