Review: Sweet Charity at Scarborough YMCA

Sweet Charity star Georgie Samuels
Sweet Charity star Georgie Samuels

There’s no hiding place for the leading lady in Sweet Charity – she’s on stage for every scene except one and that’s Big Spender.

Fortunately, Georgie Samuels needed no where to run – she picked up this show from the first second and carried it high on her shoulders to the triumphant curtain call.

From the high comedy of falling in a lake and being stuck on a ferris wheel to the dark drama of being dumped by her fiance – Georgie was up to the role.

There was not one false note or step as she took us on Charity’s emotional rollercoaster of a ride and made us care about the dance hall hostess hopelessly in love with the idea of love and hopeless at finding and keeping it.

She went from the highs of If My Friends Could See Me Now and I’m A Brass Band to the lows of There’s Gotta Be Something and Where Am I Going?

Of course she did not make this one of the best productions by Scarborough Musicals in the past five years by herself.

There was fine support from her fellow dance hall hostesses – Sarah Cox, Tina Carne, Becki Cousins, Anita Hill, Hannah Jones, Amanda Wademan, Katie Buttner and Claire Edwards – who smouldered in Big Spender.

Tim Tubbs made the most of the cameo of Daddy (Sammy Davis in the film). He and the chorus had a great time with Rhythm of Life.

Liam Galashan as Oscar was the shade to Charity’s sun and Damon Hotchin was great as the film star Vittorio Vidal.

Director Alex Weatherhill never let the pace slacken and choreographer Sheryl Buttner’s routines were raunchy without being seedy.

The band, under the directorship of Hugh Penny, were perfect for the Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields’ score.

But the show belonged to Georgie Samuels – who showed a little of what she could do as Adelaide Adams in Calamity Jane and ‘owned’ the stage as Sweet Charity.

Sweet Charity can be seen at the YMCA Theatre, St Thomas Street, on Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3 at 7.30pm and Saturday June 4 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.

Tickets: 01723 506750 or online at: