REVIEW: Our House - The Madness Musical, at Bridlington Spa

The company of Our House, which is in Bridlington this week.
The company of Our House, which is in Bridlington this week.

Welcome to the house of fun – and comedy, tragedy and song and dance.

Our House: The Madness Musical is a sophisticated jukebox musical about a working class lad from north London trying to make his way in the world.

It is set to the songs of Madness – popular music that most of us know even if it is through an advertisement.

Joe Casey takes girlfriend Sarah out on his 16th birthday. He breaks into a luxury apartment development so they can escape a storm.

Only to create a storm of a different type when the police arrive – he can either run or stay and face the consequences of his actions.

This is when the musical gets clever and serious because it shows you what happens in both scenarios.

It is not the first time parallel lives have been shown – Sliding Doors did it effectively on film.

The cast is led by Jason Kajdi as Joe. He does an amazing job – and sings and dances with panache.

Sophie Matthew as his girlfriend Sarah is a sweet, steadfast contrast to Joe – streetwise and savvy. She can also sing and dance.

Giving the production maturity and gravitas are Deena Payne as Joe’s mum Kath and Callum McArdle as the ghost of Joe’s Dad.

Bringing genuine menace to the role of nasty criminal Reecey is street dance specialist George Sampson in his musical debut – not that you would know.

There are lovely cameos, too, from Billy Roberts, Will Haswell, Etisyai Philip and Jessica Niles.

The standout in this show is the ensemble work in the dance routines to the hits – Driving in My Car, Baggy Trousers, Embarrassment, Wings of a Dove, It Must be Love and House of Fun. It is punkish, balletic, stylish and energetic.

What this show also has is a big heart – it is moving without being mawkish, dramatic without being melodramatic. Our House has heart and style, the dancing, singing and acting is top quality.

It runs until Saturday, daily at 7.30pm plus 2.30pm on Saturday.

Tickets: 01262 678258.