New comedy at village halls

Robert Angell
Robert Angell

The team behind the hit show Back to the Land Girls are back with a hilarious new comedy Eddie and the Gold Tops, a tale from the 1960s.

Written and directed by Kate Bramley with original songs and music by Sony-award-winning Jez Lowe, it features Waterloo Road actor Robert Angell as a milkman turned popstar.

Presented by Badapple Theatre Company, the tale follows much-loved milkman Eddie, from a family of great Italian milkmen, who becomes a Beat group star, quite by accident.

Eddie inherited the family milk round from his father, and has fulfilled his deathbed promise to never miss a delivery for the good people of the village.

But suddenly things are on the up. His songs are heading up the charts and if he can get there by tonight he’ll be on Top of The Pops ... He’s heading for the high life, with the fabulous Gold Tops behind him.

But when things take a churn for the worse, how will he get back for the morning milk round.?

Established in 1998, Badapple Theatre specialises in new comedy specifically designed for rural touring, with shows premiering at their Theatre On Your Doorstep network in its native North Yorkshire before embarking on national tours.

Eddie and the Gold Tops is at Danby Village Hall on 
Friday October 11 at 7.30pm and at Fylindgales Village Hall on 
Saturday October 12 at