Godber classic coming to ‘Bay

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A CLASSIC John Godber play will be performed in the atmospheric surroundings of a former Methodist Chapel in Robin Hood’s Bay tomorrow (23 Apri).

Happy Jack is one of John Godber’s earliest plays - first performed in 1982 when Godber was only 26.

It tells - or rather retells - episodes from the lives of his grandparents, Jack and Liz an ordinary working class family from the mining village of Upton in West Yorkshire who died in the 1970s.

Jack – nicknamed “happy” because he always looks miserable – works down the pit, but spends every spare minute composing poetry. Despite this, he’s not always able to articulate how he feels.

Liz, while having intimations of the cancer that is going to kill her, hopes that the next generation will not have to struggle as they have done.

The play balances humour – including a visit to the cinema when Jack scoffs all the sweets he has bought for Liz – and some tougher realities about the lives of working miners.

The Library Theatre Touring Company will perform Happy Jack at Swell Cinema in Chapel Street at 8pm on Saturday 23rd April.

Tickets are £7 in advance or £8 on the door. Concession tickets are £5 in advance or £6 on the door.