Coliseum hosts new comedy

WHITBY Coliseum is urging people to snap up tickets for a new comedy which is showing on Tuesday (5 June).

Written and directed by Kate Bramley (Back to the Land Girls/Ex Hull Truck Theatre), Eddie and the Gold Tops is set in the 1960s and every village in England has a band determined to hit the big time.

This tale follows our Eddie, a hard-working milkman, in Bottledale where local folk are inspired by the cream of the pop charts and tired of the milk-float of ordinary life, ever dreaming of stardom and success.

Eddie inherited the family milk round from his father and has fulfilled his deathbed promise to never miss a delivery for the good people of the village.

But suddenly things are on the up.

His songs are heading up the charts and if he can get there by tonight he will be on Top of the Pops.

So, get ready, Eddie, go - you are heading for the high life, with the fabulous Gold Tops behind you every step of the way.

But when things take a churn for the worse, will you get back for the morning milk?

The cast includes actor Robert Angell, whom many people will remember as Nigel Hinchcliffe in the BBC series Waterloo Road, as well as many touring roles for John Godber’s Hull Truck Theatree.

And for all you 1960s fans, it is time to get a sneak preview of the music and style that makes the upcoming 60’s Music Festival in Whitby such a popular weekend.

The comedy is produced by regionally-renowned touring Badapple Theatre Company, with original songs and music by Jez Lowe, a (SONY) Radio Academy Award Winner.

Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets £8.50/under 16s £5. Call (01947) 825000 to book your tickets.