‘Sense of place’ at Inspired By... Gallery

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Discover the North York Moors and Coast ,its mysteries, beauty and nature through the eyes of local artists.

Painters Gail Hurst and Sue Mortan, glass artist, Jayne Hibell and sculptor Jennifer Tetlow are showcasing their exhibition ‘A Sense of Place’ at the Inspired By... Gallery in Danby.

All the artists live and work in the area and create work directly inspired by their locality.

Their exhibition shares their excitement and sheer enjoyment about living where they do, each expressing individually what they see in different ways.

The artists have found it extremely inspiring to work together on the exhibition and gain sight into different ways of seeing and truly sharing each other’s sense of place.

Sue Morton portrays the distinctive character of coastal villages and the fascinating interplay of local traditional structures within the beautiful wild landscapes through her paintings.

Gail Hurst prefers to work outdoors and is intensely moved by the brooding vastness of the moors, the coastline, and the impact of both seasonal and atmospheric changes on sea and the landscape.

Jayne Hibell, depicts nature and scenes from moors life, captured in rich, reflective and translucent glass, casting light beams reflecting colours of her surroundings.

Jennifer Tetlow sculpts in stone, and carves tactile and lively pieces full of expression and character of the wildlife she sees close to her workshop.

The exhibition is on show now until Tuesday 6 September from 10am-5pm daily at the gallery in The Moors Visitor Centre.

Tomorrow there will be the uniqueopportunity to meet the artists at the gallery and have a chat about their works over a glass of wine.

The artists will be available to meet from 1-4pm.