Reunion for ex-beacon servicemen

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FORMER servicemen of the Royal Air Force who were stationed at Danby Beacon during and after the Second World War are holding a re-union on Thursday.

Spokesman for the group Eric Hampson who was at Danby from 1955 to 1957 said: “We’re expecting about ten or twelve of us to be there and we would welcome anyone else who is interested or was involved with the radar station.

“We’re hoping to be joined by Leslie Atkinson who was the station adjutant from 1952 to 1955.”

The radar station, one of the first in the country, was built in 1938 shortly before the outbreak of World War Two. The following year King George Sixth visited it.

The operators tracked the first German plane to be shot down in Britain - the fighter pilot who brought it down was Peter Townsend.

Later, the present Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, who died some years ago, wanted to marry Peter Townsend who was an equerry to the Royal Family.

The re-union will be at Danby Moors Centre on Thursday 14 June from 12 noon.