Putting on a spread with a difference!

PicNICKers will have never seen a spread like this before.

Tomorrow, the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby will be launching a quirky community project to commemorate the achievements of the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was Captain Cook’s friend and patron.

Legend has it Lord Sandwich invented the snack to be easily consumed at the gambling table but he also supported Cook’s voyages of exploration.

The Great Sandwich Pic-Knit aims to celebrate the humble meal by inviting people to drum up their favourite fillings out of wool.

Dozens of ‘sandwiches’ have already been rustled up and are going on display in time for the launch.

The sandwiches, which include a lobster baguette, will be on display from 9.45am-5pm.

At 2pm there is a talk from special guest knitter, Dr Annie Shaw of Manchester Metropolitan University.

She will show some of her celebrated miniature ganseys as well as unveiling a specially themed gansey to add to the museum’s display.

The launch of the project coincides with UK Wool Week – a campaign to promote sheep farmers and the importance of wool as a natural and sustainable fibre.