Psychic star reveals spooky plan for town

Ian Lawman
Ian Lawman

One of the stars of TV’s reality ghost hunting show Most Haunted has revealed plans to move to the town where he hopes to delve into its spooky goings on.

Psychic medium Ian Lawman was a regular guest and exorcist on the Sky Living series with Derek Acorah and presenter Yvette Fielding.

He has his own television series Living with the Dead on Virgin Media Television satellite channel living and is flying out to Australia in July to shoot a new television series called Haunted Australia.

Ian, who also has a home in London, told the Whitby Gazette he is selling his house in Lincolnshire to move with his wife Julie to Whitby - a place they both love.

He also revealed he is in initial talks about making a spooky show set in Whitby and also plans to hold ghost hunts in the town.

The psychic has teamed up with paranormal events company Shadows of the Night run by Claire Sloan from Newcastle to hold an event where members of the public can join in to hunt out spectres in historic Whitby Pavilion on 23 November.

“It’s quite exciting,” he said.

“We have decided to move there and start doing things there.

“We will rent for the first year and see how we fit in.

“I also want to try and do ‘Haunted Whitby’.

“I’ve been in talks about that although it’s in the really, really early stages which is cool. I think it’s something that will be a goer. I can get to London from Scarborough although I will have to change the car for a four wheel drive.

““Whitby is a very spiritual place and the Victorian side of Whitby is very spiritual. The history is phenomenal.”

Ian said he was born with the gift of seeing the dead and has known since the age of four he had an ability.

A former street fighter and third Dan black belt, Ian hails from a normal working class family but broke from a traditional career at the age of 16, when he become a dancer and model. He later became an exorcist for the church before being snapped-up for TV work.