World record concert to get frosty reception

James Auger's will attempt a world record
James Auger's will attempt a world record

A Port Mulgrave musician will need to wrap up warm as he attempts to break a world record next February.

James Auger, who was raised in the village and studied at Caedmon School and Whitby Community College, will play a concert at Jokkmokk in Lapland, within the Arctic circle and where temperatures have been known to hit minus 42°C.

James will be raising money for Kidney Research having suffered himself from severe kidney-related illness and said: “We’re going to do the concert at an ancient Sami festival that has been going on for about 400 years. The current record is hel by Charlie Simpson, from Busted and Fightstar, which he did in Siberia at a temperature of minus 30. So with that, we think we have a good chance of being able to absolutely smash the record.”

James, who has spent time in Sweden and Canada, will be part of a team that will include his record label, Nouvelle Musique, a videographer and a photographer. He explained how the idea came about: “I read about the Charlie Simpson thing and thought it was really cool. Then it came up in conversation with the record company and they said it just had to happen.”

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