Whole Lotta Love for Led Zep tribute

'Hats Off to Led Zeppelin' will perform in Scarborough
'Hats Off to Led Zeppelin' will perform in Scarborough

Hats Off to Led Zeppelin, who have established themselves as one of the UK’s finest tributes to the greatest rock band in the world, are coming to Scarborough.

You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time when you experience these four top class musicians on stage, recreating Led Zeppelin’s magical concerts.

Featuring Peter Eldridge from the West End production of We Will Rock You, Simon Wicker, Jack Tanner and Kevin Oliver Jones, they play all the right instruments and hit all the right notes in this live show.

From Kashmir to Stairway audiences will be blown away by the authenticity of Hats off to Led Zeppelin.

Audience reactions include: “One of the best tributes I have seen” and “If you get the chance to see them you will not be disappointed”.

Dave Lewis from Tightbutloose, a Led Zeppelin fan site, said: “Hats Off went down a storm, delivered in a no messin’ style.”

Hats Off to Led Zeppelin will appear live at the Futurist tomorrow at 7.30pm.

All seats are £17, available from (01723) 365789/374500, or by visiting www.futuristtheatre.co.uk