Whitby faring well for folk week festival

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Folk Week''w133401e

Whitby is about to embrace the sweet sound of music as the annual Folk Festival rolls into town.

It is the 49th Whitby Folk Festival and the programme gets underway on Saturday August 16 and lasts for a week.

Several thousands of people are expected to join in the folk fun throughout the week from seasoned ticket holders to pub goers listening along.

The majority of the events are traditional favourites but to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War a lot of the music and songs will be based around that era.

Acts are coming from all over the world to perform at the festival which will have 663 separate events at venues from the Leisure Centre to the Middle Earth.

Barry Evans, director said: “There is one band I won’t be missing and that is The April Verch band that are coming from Canada. The vast majority of it is the same but with the war theme there will be a lot that people recognise.

“There is no place anywhere else other than Whitby we could have it. There is no place that lends itself to running a festival on this scale.”

There will also be workshops on learning instruments to contemporary poetry and story telling and the annual charity cricket match.