Help write a song for Staithes

Richard Grainger
Richard Grainger

Staithes people are being asked to join a folk singer to help produce a song for the ir village.

Richard Grainger from Commondale is holding a series of creative writing workshops in Staithes’ Memorial Hall on Saturday 20 and Sunday 28 April between 11am and 3pm.

The local group Heritage Coast Live Sessions has commissioned Richard to produce a song with the people of Staithes, particularly children and young adults, that will promote the unique, but dying out, dialect of the village.

A dialect has its own grammar, vocabulary and common expressions that make it unique and the dialet of Staithes can still be heard locally.

Richard is hoping the few people who still use the dialect or have some knowledge of its use will come to the workshop sessions, although all are welcome.

Carole Zagrovic and Brian Butcher started the project before his death last year.

Carole said ‘Many years ago both Brain and I discussed that the dialect of Staithes will die out eventually for a number of reasons and we need to at least try and preserve its use and the value and status of it in our community. “Once it’s gone we’ll wonder about it and it’s not something that can be revived only remembered or recalled.

“The dialect of Staithes is hugely important –It’s unique and a huge part of the distinctiveness of Staithes and the culture of its local community.

“When tourists come here they can still listen to a couple of older locals spin a yarn in the Cod and Lobster and relate the living history of the place – that’s what makes our village different and we still have some local people who are proud to preserve our dialect.’

The song will be made available as a CD and has been funded through the North Yorkshire Moors National Parks Small Scale Enhancements Scheme.

To register your interest contact Carole (01947) 841233