Farewell to a week of folk fun

Seven days and nights of singing, dancing and music have encompassed the local town as Whitby Folk week draws to a close tonight.

The annual event, running from August 17 to 23, saw the arrival of thousands of visitors to witness the official 48th festival that provided more than 600 separate events in a collection of venues across Whitby.

The streets were filled with people moving between the variety of workshops that were on offer to experience the traditional music, song and dance of Britain.

Fortunately, a welcome bout of bright and sunny weather greeted those visiting the local area and lasted throughout the majority of the week.

The town played host to an accumulation of diverse events for all ages, from dance displays in front of Captain Cook’s Memorial, parades of dancers and music making their way through the streets, to songwriting workshops for interested and budding artists.

The success of the event proved to be a boost for local businesses such as restaurants, pubs and cafes due to the influx of visiting guests.

Dance played a large role in this year’s event with many of the displays and workshops revolving around Morris dancing and traditional styles of music.