Museum celebrates a juicy history of apples

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WHITBY’S Captain Cook Memorial Museum invites people to join in its celebration of the humble apple on three special event days next week.

North Yorkshire has a juicy history of apple production and these apple days will feature those varieties which flourish in this region.

A rare treat for apple-lovers, visitors will get the chance to try some weird and wonderful varieties guaranteed not to be found on the supermarket shelves.

There will be the opportunity to learn about Joseph Banks’ fondness for apple pie and take a recipe to try at home, and to hear about the mysterious ‘hunthouse’ apple, supposedly taken by Captain James Cook around the world on his famous voyages of discovery.

Additionally, for children there will be traditional apple bobbing, apple-themed crafts, games and activities, taste-testing and an exclusive apple trail around the museum.

Botanical illustrator Bridget Gillespie will show some of her celebrated apple drawings, as well as giving helpful tips and pointers to any budding amateur artists who are interested.

There will also be a final opportunity to see this year’s special exhibition, A Journey Round the World at Captain Cook’s Table, before the museum closes at the end of this month.

The Apple Days events take place from Tuesday to Thursday at the museum.

For details of opening hours and admission call (01947) 601900 or visit