Hollywood’s calling for vicar’s novel

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MILLIOns of pounds are expected to be ploughed into Whitby’s economy when Hollywood comes to town next year.

Local vicar-turned-author GP Taylor has just signed a movie deal for his Vampyre Labyrinth novel and has revealed the teen chiller will be shot in Whitby – with a host of A-list stars lined up for the film.

Mr Taylor is hoping the production will bring a major boost to the town’s economy by attracting tourists, creating new jobs and using local facilities and resources.

He said: “I spent the best five years of my life in Whitby. My daughter was born there and I love the place, it’s very much my spiritual home. So if I can give something back to town and help bring in more money and jobs, I’m very happy to do that.”

His book, Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, has already been turned into a multi-million pound Hollywood movie starring Michael Sheen, Sam Neill, Lena Heady and Ioan Gruffud, with filming expected to wrap up in three weeks followed by a major release next summer.

However, the movie was shot in the south and the best-selling author is determined for his beloved Whitby, where most of his books are set, to see a slice of the silver screen action.

The New York Times best-selling author, who now lives in Scarborough, recently joined Liquid Noise North and the Yorkshire and North East-based film company is set to produce a number of big-budget movies in the Whitby area.

He said: “I’d found it really frustrating that Mariah Mundi was filmed in the south despite the fact it was set up here.

“We have got three films coming up that will be set in Whitby, including a biopic of Captain Cook’s early life and his marriage to Elizabeth Batts and The Vampyre Labyrinth. The Vampyre Labyrinth will have a full A-list cast and it’s going to be a very big budget movie.

“You can’t beat the setting of the town and a lot of the scenes will be set on Church Street. Most of the filming will be done at night so it won’t inconvenience people living and working there and we hope to start filming later next year.”

Part of the Mariah Mundi film, which has been dubbed the new Harry Potter, was shot in Bath and the historic spa town’s council is expecting the movie to have injected £25,000 per day into the local community.

And Mr Taylor is keen for Whitby to benefit from a similar cash windfall as a result of his latest Hollywood adaptation.

He said: “If we are filming in Whitby for three months, that’s an awful lot of money. We are also very keen to use local talent as well, as there are a lot of very gifted people up here.”