Fifty years of black and white talent

Levisham by Masaoki Habano
Levisham by Masaoki Habano

Japan’s Masaoki Habano returns to the Inspired by… Gallery in Danby to showcase his talent for black and white photography that he has been honing for nearly half a century.

He has evolved from photographing cityscapes to being inspired by the English countryside and has been returning to the North York Moors for a number of years following a chance meeting with a local artist in Robin Hood’s Bay.

Running alongside is an exhibition entitled Nature’s Palette, which pairs watercolour artist, Caroline Hatton and jeweller, Jean Hunter.

Caroline specialises in birds, flowers and botanical themed watercolours influenced by the peace and tranquillity of her surrounding landscapes.

She is descended from a long line of artists including her grandfather, who exhibited at the Royal Academy and her great aunt, who was a portrait artist. Jean’s work combines glass, ceramic, and resin beads, alongside Swarovski crystals, that would compliment any ensemble.

Both exhibitions run from tomorrow to 14 June. The gallery is located at The Moors National Park Centre, Danby and is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Entry is free.