Disappointment over lack of public input into carnival

The lack of public interest in putting on Whitby Regatta has been branded “disappointing” by organisers.

There were no members of the public outside the current volunteers and the rowing club representatives present at an open meeting last Thursday, or the committee meeting that followed.

Secretary Ian Winspear said: “There appears to be a lack of local interest and a shortage of volunteers who would like to assist in staging the event.

“Details of the meeting had been advertised in the Gazette.

“However, after holding these for the past three years it is now getting to the stage where we need to consider if it is a worthwhile excercise.

Ivor Greer, the chairman of the regatta committee added: “Nobody seems to want to put their names forward and we are at a loss as to what to do to get people involved.”

More marshalls to help out over the regatta weekend, which is held in August, are needed as are volunteers to take the collection buckets for donations around the town.

Volunteer marshall John Smith, who organises fundraising quizzes throughout the year, is hoping to get intouch with some of the local schools and appeal to parents to get involved to help secure the future of the event which has been running for over 175 years.

Mr Greer added: “We have some ideas to get more volunteers by tapping into the schools and stuff like that.

“We have tried and I am sure that the rowing clubs have got the same problem in not only getting volunteers, but volunteers that work for both clubs and the regatta and doing what we need.”

This year’s Regatta takes place on August 14, 15, 16 and 17.