Abbey inspires Joy’s work

Joy Lomas  at Whitby Abbey
Joy Lomas at Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey and Monks’ Trod are two of the places that have inspoired painter Joy Lomas’ latest exhibition.

The abbeys and landscapes of the North York Moors includes paintings of Whitby, Bylands and Rievaulx abbeys, Mount Grace Priory and the villages of Lastingham and Rosedale.

The exhibition features 27 oil canvases and is the culmination of 18 months’ work, which has included numerous visits to the historical sites.

“I became captivated by the history and survival of these bludgeoned yet still magnificent remains, finding each abbey inspirational in its own way,” said Joy.

“Rievaulx, statuesque in idyllic surroundings and Whitby awe inspiringly bleak and on the edge of a stunning coastline.

“Their skeletons stand with a dignified beauty, survivors of plundering and rampaging and the dissolution of the monasteries.”

Joy lives in the Newby area of Scarborough with husband Colin who is her constant companion on trips to the English Heritage sites. Her studio is in the top floor of their semi and she paints for six hours a day, five days a week.

Abbeys and Landscapes of the North York Moors is at the Inspired By ... Gallery, The Moors National Park Centre, Lodge Lane, Danby. It opens tomorrw and runs to November 15.

It is open weekdays from 10am to 5pm from April to October and 10.30am to 4pm during November and December.

Meet the artist and preview: Saturday October 29 from noon to 3pm.