Chip shop on a Mission to help charity with crinkle cut classics

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A Whitby chip shop owner who is celebrating over 40 years in the businesses is bringing back a retro classic to the menu while raising money for the Fishermen’s Mission in town.

As part of National Chip Week, which runs from Monday, Carol Fusco will be serving up crinkle cut chips just like she did when she first started working for the Fusco family back in 1965.

The ruffled chips with their crimped edges had to be cut with special, bespoke blades, and were the mainstay of Yorkshire’s chip shops in the sixties but began to fall out of favour when customers believed they were cooked from frozen.

Carol said: “People became so used to seeing crinkle cut chips in plastic bags in the frozen food aisles that they assumed ours were too – but our crinkle cuts were prepared each day from freshly peeled potatoes, so they were always freshly cut and cooked to order.

“I remember people would ask for ‘six penneth o’ chips’ in those days (that’s about two-and-half pence now!) and we’d pop the hot crinkle chips into greaseproof bags and wrap them in old Whitby Gazettes.”

Feeling it is high time they made a comeback at Quayside (they are still served in the family firm’s Baxtergate chippy) sales of chips will be helping the Fishermen’s Mission.

Between 11.30am and 12.30pm Monday to Friday during Chip Week, all proceeds from Quayside’s crinkle cut chip sales will go to the charity which provides emergency support alongside practical, financial, spiritual and emotional care for active or retired fishermen and their families.

The Fusco family has been raising for the Mission for years with various events including a balloon race at the 2003 regatta, the Boxing Day dip and in October 2009 Stuart Fusco, Carol’s son, was part of a team that trekked the Great Wall of China in ten days, raising £6,000.

In 2013 fishermen jumped into the harbour to raise safety awareness and a percentage of Fish Friday takings are donated.