Young stars shine at annual awards event

Youngsters success in dancing at the Benson stage academy''w131622a
Youngsters success in dancing at the Benson stage academy''w131622a

Talented young stars from Whitby’s Benson Stage Academy shined at their annual awards presentation and choreography competition.

The event was held earlier this year at the Metropole where pupils were presented with certificates and trophies gained throughout the year for their achievements in dance examinations.

The event was well attended and a choreography competition was held with participating pupils demonstrating dance routines they had choreographed by themselves.

A tombola was held during the evening and more than £200 was raised for the Martin House Children’s Hospice in Wetherby.

Principal Julia Howard-Trillo and teachers Barbara Benson-Smith and Jenny Flinton would like to thank the judges, pupils and parents for supporting the evening which was hosted by Chris Wales.

Choreography competition results 28 February

Ballet: Age 10-12 1 Bethany Corfield and Joshua Emmerson, Age 13-14 1 Abigail Emmerson and Amber Newton, 2 Maisie Brickley and Ema Crusher, Age 15+ 1 Louise Paton.

Tap: Age 10-12 1 Bethany Corfield and Joshua Emmerson, Age 13-14 1 Abigail Emmerson and Amber Newton

Acro: Age 15+ 1 Louise Paton and Ellie Brettle

Freestyle: Age 7-9 1 Skye Kelly and Fiona Price, 2 Hope Smith and Anya Swales, Age 10-12 1 Evie Mason, Kaitlin Swales and Tilly Swales, 2 Sienna Didelot and Molly Spenceley, Age 13-14 1 Abigail and Joshua Emmerson, Amber and Poppy Newton, Age 15+ 1 Nicol Bedingfield, 2 Louise Paton, Jess Scarth and Eilish Ward

Musical Theatre: Age 10-12 1 Joshua Emmerson and Poppy Newton, Age 13-14 1 Abigail Emmerson and Amber Newton, Age 15+ Chantel and Nicol Bedingfield

Street: Age 10-12 1 Abigail and Joshua Emmerson

Dance exam results 
17 March:

Dance Exam Medal System Marks %

Pass = 65-69%, Pass + = 70-74%, Commended = 75-84%, Highly Commended = 85-92%, Honours = 93-95%, Distinction = 96%

Julia Howard-Trillo’s pupils


Starter Star (Pass Grade Only): Mary Agar, Olivia Elcoate, Ava Gildroy, Mia Hansell, Phoebe Jackson, Keira James, Ella Richardson, Romy White.

Pre Bronze Badge: (Pass) Trinity Dowson, Olivia Miler, Maddie Nock, Lilia Tyreman, (Commended) Katie Beeforth, Gracie Boocock, Ebony Butler, Ben Elcoate, Lucy Kerr, Poppy Little, Erin Mc Burney, Ruby Morley, Fiona Price, Amelia Storr, Skylar Tyreman, (Highly Commended) Maya Gildroy, Skye Kelly.

Upper Bronze: Saturday Class (Commended) Emily Grady, Daniel Hodgson, Beth Mortimer, Ellie Stones, Darci Storr, Anya Swales, Meg Trueman, Nicole Visker (Highly Commended) Freya Jackson, Charlotte Kerr, Jessie Price, Harriet Oakley, Rosie Clare Young.

Upper Bronze: Tuesday Class (Commended) Katie Brighton, Gracie Brown, Ellie Buck, Katie Dobson, Sidonie Inglis, Libby Marsay, Harriett Miller, Eve Nock, Abi Skiba, Keira Stewart, (Highly Commended) Olivia Coates, Maddie Hart, Janaya Jay, Phoebe Russel, (Honours) Lola Gildroy.

Musical Theatre: (Highly Commended) Chantel Bedingfield, Poppy Draper, Joshua Emmerson, Lauren Hall, Evie Mason, Poppy Newton, Pollyanna Diaz Thomson, Leah Tolson (Honours) Brooke Eddon, Abigail Emmerson, Isobel Moloney, Amber Newton, Kaitlin Swales, Tilly Swales.

Barbara Benson-Smith’s pupils

Uni –Ted: Pre School Ballet in education all achieved their examination: Olivia Elcoate, Ava Gildroy, Phoebe Jackson, Sophie Knaggs, Trinny Fewster, Phoebe Swales.

Silver Medal Drama: (Highly Commended) Jeremy Normanton, Zeta Normanton, Darci Storr, Olivia Coates.

Acrobatical Gym Dance Presidents Award: (Highly Commended) Marne Ashburner, Rachel Ashburner, Ellie Brettle, (Honours) Deri Mason, Alexandra Hartley, Louise Paton (Distinction) Amy Kay Pell.

Gold Medal Classical Ballet: (Honours) Sharon Normanton.