Whitby heritage for sale on e-bay

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FOR years they have been synonymous with the town but Whitby’s historic whalebones are being sold .... on e-bay with a starting bid of just £100.

The old whalebones were replaced by the current ones on the West Cliff years ago after falling into a state of disrepair and for years have been gathering dust in a lock up and apparently unwanted.

The sale notice reads: “Once in a lifetime chance to own a part of Whitby’s heritage.

“The whalebones have stood guard for 40 years plus on the WestCliff of Whitby.

“They were taken down as a health and safety issue and replaced with new ones. Collection only or can deliver but at a cost to be arranged.”

Bidding on the online auction site ends tomorrow afternoon but at the time of the Whitby Gazette going to press yesterday not one bid had been made.

Coun Joe Plant said it would be nice if they could stay in Whitby and a use found for them but added he wasn’t surprised no-one wanted them.

He told the Gazette: “I would like to have them in Whitby, that is Whitby - the whalebones. It is part of history.

“It is disappointing but I can understand why people don’t want them.

“They are in such poor condition and that is why they were taken down in the

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