Whitby actors graduate into scary stories

A group of Whitby students have graduated from producing a small internet television show into starring in their own movie.

This week sees the fourth anniversary of the launch of ‘Whitbyloo Road’ and coincides with the launch of a new feature-length film entitled ‘Eternity 7’.

A promotional image for Eternity 7

A promotional image for Eternity 7

Chris Colebrooke, 17, had the original idea for the show and has now even launched his own film production company, entitled Colebrooke Media.

He has been assisted by Grace Braim, 16, who said: “It’s not like Whitbyloo Road. This time it’s more professional and everything about it makes it clear that we are serious about this.

“All the cast are from Whitby and surrounding areas and I want to keep it that way.

“I want it to be local and I want to make Whitby proud.”

A promotional image for Eternity 7

A promotional image for Eternity 7

Eternity 7 focusses around the Seven Deadly Sins and Chris said that Whitby provided the ideal inspiration for the movie.

He explained: “Whitby can be glorious most of the time, but it does have a dark feel to it, like the Goths.

“I love Goth weekend and I think it’s brilliant and we looked at Goths and gothic costumes to help inspire us.”

The project is also helping to develop other local actors in the area. While just four actors helped on Whitbyloo Road in 2010, this year Chris has worked with over 77 young people.

The cast of Eternity 7

The cast of Eternity 7

He is also leading an Acting Workshop for Children during the summer and said: “I work with young people a lot, as do a few of the people at Colebrooke Media, and I’m always up for training the next generation of actors.”

Whitby residents such as photographer Scott Wicking and drama teacher Sally Fewster have helped out with the project, while new software and editing programmes makes the production appear more professional than Whitbyloo Road.

“I can’t thank them enough,” said Chris. “We are going for the best quality, but at the end of the day this will be our first attempt at anything like this.”

Head to www.whitbygazette.co.uk to see the trailer for Eternity 7.