What a lotta scooters . . .

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OVER 2000 scooters descended on Whitby for a rally which attracted riders from all over the country and as far away as Europe.

It was the first national event of the year in the scooter calendar and also embraced the Northern Soul music scene.

Steven Foster (41) from Nottingham organised the rally which included ride outs to Goathland, synonymous with the 60s era.

He said: “Whitby is the first national event of the year so people come from all over the UK, Belgium and other European countries. Someone rode from Cornwall.

“It was really good, the weather fell in our favour, it was probably one of the best weeks we’ve done.

“On the Saturday we had a huge trade exhibition and scooter customs, which attracted around 3,000 visitors.

“It’s something we had been doing a long time and most of my friends are from the scooter scene.

“When we were a lot younger it was all youth culture and we all got scooters and road them further and further away to get out of the housing estates.

“We just used to gather in places like Scarborough, Skegness and Brighton.

“Back in the 80s we got more organised and set up an official foundation and worked with all the local towns.

“Whitby is a beautiful place, arriving from Pickering and seeing the bay unfold is worth the journey.

“I was with two guys from Dorset and they were just waiting for that final stretch.”