Vintage Whitby poster at New York auction

M29027-2532 001
M29027-2532 001

A poster from the 1950s which advertised Whitby as a holiday destination is set to make over £500 at an auction in America next month.

It was produced by artist Lance Cattermole for British Railways in 1956 and features children building a sandcastle while others enjoy a donkey ride on the beach underneath a cloudless blue sky with azure sea in the background.

The forty five inches by twenty five inches poster is emblazoned with the words ‘Whitby, The Yorkshire resort on the fringe of the moors’.

Now, nearly sixty years later the poster is expected to sell for between $700 and $1000 (£400-£600) at Swann Galleries in New York on Wednesday.

At Swann Galleries four years ago, a rare 1920s Art Deco-style London and North Eastern Railway poster advertising Scarborough sold for £6,724.

At Christie’s in London in 2007, a 1950 British Railways poster,advertising Whitby, by artist Gyrth Russell,sold for £1500.

In the early and middle parts of the twentieth century,when few people owned cars and overseas holidays were an expensive luxury railway companies commissioned artists to produce eye-catching posters of seaside resorts in a bid to boost rail travel throughout Britain.