Scoresby on the scrapheap

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WHITBY Town Council is to rescue the Scoresby statue from being dumped on the scrapheap.

It has been contacted by Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) who say they will dispose of the remains of the statue which was blown clean out of the ground at Dock End during heavy storms last April.

Town clerk Pam Dobson told the Gazette some of the councillors had been to see the Scoresby monument and while the pole it was stood on is ruined because the wood is rotten the statue itself suffered only minor damage.

She said: “It is all a bit last minute but the letter I have got to write back is basically that we might be interested in taking it off their hands. We believe it is potentially repairable but again it is something that is in the very early stages.

“They would give us it for free, but we would have to find somewhere to put it until we get it repaired and where it would go again. But, we just don’t want to see it discarded.”

SBC’s Northern Area Engineer, John Woodhead, said: “The Scoresby monument blew down in the middle of a particularly fierce storm in April this year and was sadly found to be beyond economic repair.

“The remnants of the monument along with the accompanying information board have been in storage since then. We have now written to Whitby Town Council to seek its views about the remains and what should be done with them.

“If the town council decides it does not want them, it is our intention to dispose of them.”

William Scoresby was born near Whitby in 1789. His father, also William, made his fortune from whaling and William Scoresby junior made his first sea-faring voyage when he was 11 years-old.

He then became his father’s companion as chief officer on The Resolution. He took command of the resolution in 1811 and also in that year he married the daughter of a Whitby ship-broker.