Scampi factory gets unwrapped on TV

Laura Whittle shows Jimmy Doherty around Whitby Seafoods' factory on the business park
Laura Whittle shows Jimmy Doherty around Whitby Seafoods' factory on the business park

A Channel Four series that explores how food is manufactured across the globe is set to feature a Whitby business.

The third episode of Food Unwrapped, due to be aired on Monday June 17, will include Whitby Seafoods’ scampi.

Presenter Jimmy Doherty was shown around the Whitby Business Park factory by marketing and sales director Laura Whittle. Daughter of the company’s founder, Graham Whittle, Laura said: “It was great fun to welcome Jimmy to Whitby and show him how we make scampi. All of us can’t wait to see our episode broadcast on national television.”

‘What is scampi’ is the UK’s second most Googled question, so there is an obvious curiosity about the product, making it an ideal fit for the Channel Four show.

From growers and producers to scientists and supermarkets, the idea behind the show is to ask as many questions as possible to find out more about the food we eat.

The episode is presented by Jimmy Doherty, best known for presenting Jimmy’s Farm and Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight with Jamie Oliver.

From boat to breadcrumbs, he followed the entire production of scampi at Whitby Seafoods. Laura added: “He was really keen to see all aspects of what we do, from taking in the shell on tails of scampi, to peeling it and breading it.

“He was interested in how whole-tail Whitby Scampi is different from Whitby scampi bites and I think viewers will really appreciate this extra information when doing their shopping.”

Whitby Scampi and Whitby Scampi Bites are part of a range of products sold in the Whitby brand in retailers, pubs and restaurants across the UK, including Tesco, Asda and most recently Morrisons.

The company is still owned and run by founder and managing director Graham Whittle . It started in 1985, selling Whitby scampi to pubs and restaurants keen for a quality whole scampi as an alternative to the then ubiquitous formed product,

The company have since built a national brand and are the world’s largest manufacturers of scampi.