Ruddock is razor sharp at Staithes gig

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Ever heard the one about a Premier League footballer who wanted his pizza cutting into just four slices instead of eight as he couldn’t eat that many?

Football fans were regaled with tales of the footballing nineties at an evening with Neil Ruddock on Saturday.

It was a fundraiser for Whitby Town Football Club and Razor kept the crowd entertained with stories of what he and his Liverpool, West Ham and England team-mates used to get up to - on and off the field.

And in true stand up style he even saw off a heckler out of the 130-strong audience at Staithes Club.

But, Ruddock loved his first visit to Whitby. He stopped off for a curry and afterwards enjoyed a night out on the town.

He told the Whitby Gazette: “It is the first time in Whitby and from what I have seen it is beautiful. I went for a stroll between the boats and ended up in a curry house on my own.”

He may have turned to reality TV since he hung up his boots, but he told the Gazette he could still cut it in today’s game.

He said: “When I played there was Cantona, Zola and Bergkamp. There are no three players better than those and if you can deal with them you can deal with anything.”

And the player who didn’t want his pizza cutting up was Jason McAteer.