Recently found 1930s Whitby poster to go on sale

Whitby taken in the 1930s
Whitby taken in the 1930s

A poster from the 1930s which promoted Whitby as a tourist attraction to Americans is to go on sale after being discovered near Boston Massachusetts.

It shows Whitby Abbey and is included in one of the largest single groupings of such posters to be discovered.

They have been repatriated to the UK and are on display prior to the sale in Dorset in June.

Just months before the stock market crash of 1929, the Travel Association of Britain and Northern Ireland had been founded by Lord Waldorf Astor and Winston Churchill in a bid to increase the amount of American money being spent in the United Kingdom by tourists.

It had offices in New York and Paris and substantially increased success in local tourism and income despite the Depression.

In the 1930s it hired the best photographers to document scenes in Great Britain which were printed in the photogravure process for distribution in the USA and the British Dominions and were done in sepia style. Enquiries to Patrick Bogue on 01258 488838 or 07831 473400 at Onslow Auctions Ltd. in Dorset.