Photographic winners

Richard Day's winning entrant, entitled "The Bathers"
Richard Day's winning entrant, entitled "The Bathers"
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WHITBY Photographic Society held their Sutcliffe trophy competition last Thursday (1 Dec).

Submitted photographs in the style of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe were judged by Mike Shaw, owner of the Sutcliffe Gallery.

The Sutcliffe trophy is presented to Richard Day

The Sutcliffe trophy is presented to Richard Day

Mike said that, for his time, Sutcliffe’s work was excellent and he felt that, with the equipment available to photographers today, they should be going forwards, not backwards.

He added that a superb photograph is a combination of good composition and good quality, which was lacking by some of the entrants.

Mike was thanked by the chairman, Mick Robinson, and the pair presented the cup to the winner, Richard Day, for his entry, “The Bathers”.

The runner-up was Jennie Wood’s “Morning Flight”.

The Withell and Barrett trophy competition was also held recently.

Judges Dave Gowland and Rick Singleton from Guisborough were pleased to be asked to judge they competitions as they were of digital images, not prints, which is the usual format they judge.

The judges were looking for vibrant images which caught the attention and asked that members listened to their remarks rather than the marks, so they would be able to improve their work.

They felt that some of the images would have been improved by cropping to remove parts of the image which detracted from the overall picture.

The theme for the Withell trophy was for ‘Close up’ and the Barrett trophy was ‘Landscape’.

Dean Walker won the Withell Trophy with his entry, entitled “Gone with the Wind” and the Barrett Trophy went to Richard Day for “Scotland”.