Olympic torch relay guidance

IN anticipation of the Olympic Torch travelling through the region on Monday 18 June, Scarborough Borough Council has provided information and advice on how to best enjoy the festivities.

They are keen to stress that the Torch will not be visible to the public for the majority of its visit, instead travelling as part of a convoy.

It is only when the convoy reaches certain designated points that the Torch will be unveiled and carried by the appointed bearers.

Coun Derek Bastiman, SBC’s lead councillor for London 2012-inspired events, said: “There have been instances elsewhere in the country in the early days of the relay where people have mistakenly thought that the Olympic Flame is visible at all times when it travels through a particular region.

“Due to the amount of miles the Torch has to cover in its 70 days journey around the UK, this is not physically possible.

“I encourage all our communities to line the streets where the Torch will be visible and celebrate our moment to shine.”

The Flame’s arrival will be signalled by an initial convoy of vehicles which will arrive between 30 minutes and an hour before the main convoy arrives with the Flame.

Sponsors Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung will be distributing keepsakes to people lining the route to help build enthusiasm for the arrival of the Flame.

Rolling roadblocks will be in place in the areas where the Olympic Flame is in Torchbearer mode and the council is advising businesses and any organisations that rely on vehicular access to these streets to take these temporary disruptions into account when planning deliveries, customer visits and essential business travel.

All SBC car parks will be free all day on Monday 18 June, but visitors are encouraged to use public transport where possible.

The Torch will be visible to the public as the relay starts at 9.01am at Hinderwell Lane, from the junction with West End Close, onto High Street, then Station Road as far as the junction with Browns Terrace.

In Lythe and Sandsend it will be visible from 9.14am as it passes from High Street, down Lythe Bank and along Sandsend Road to the junction with Meadow Field.

In Whitby it appears at 9.40am, on Sandsend Road at the junction with Love Lane and heads down Upgang Lane, Chubb Hill, Bagdale and Langborne Road.

It will arrive at the railway station at 9.58am and will travel on a North Yorkshire Moors Railway train to Pickering.

All information in relation to the visit of the Olympic Torch can be found at www.scarborough.gov.uk/coast2012 or SBC can be followed using the Twitter account @scarborocouncil or search using #coast2012