Old coble up for sale as playpark funds needed

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A former Whitby fishing vessel has been placed for sale on the Internet as parish councillors attempt to raise funds for a new play park.

The Bank Top play area in Robin Hood’s Bay is in urgent need of redevelopment, but with a £90,000 bill quoted by the architects, Fylingdales Parish Council is appealing for any help it can get.

Graham Irving, chairman of Fylingdales Parish Council, said: “It’s done great service and kids have played in the boat for donkey’s years, but now it’s completely shot. Hopefully the sale of the coble will generate some awareness and help raise funds.”

An application is being prepared for a Heritage Lottery Grant, but in the meantime the boat which has sat in the park since the early 1980s has been listed on the Internet auction site eBay.

“It’s going to be a start, which will hopefully get us moving in the right direction,” said Mr Irving.

The coble Joshann was donated to the play park when it was dedicated to the memory of Tracey Hutchinson, who had passed away.

Now, after 30 years of being played on by the children of Robin Hood’s Bay and countless visitors each year, the park needs redeveloping.

One of the major improvements would allow disabled access to the park, currently difficult as it sits at the top of an embankment.

The re-landscaping to allow an access ramp would cost around £22,000 alone.

The boat itself would be replaced with a structure resembling a pirate ship and Mr Irving said: “The design is absolutely amazing. So many people use the park and if we have a proper playground it can be used even more.”

Anyone who has ideas on how to raise funds for the play park is urged to contact Virginia Ramsey, the clerk of Fylingdales Parish Council on (01947) 811069.