New dawn for a united event

Whitby Gothic Weekend (1st weekend)''Rosalind Saul
Whitby Gothic Weekend (1st weekend)''Rosalind Saul
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goths are to reunite after it was announced next year’s official Whitby Goth Weekend and Dark Daisy’s Alt Festival will be held on the same dates.

Jeremy Harthill, Scarborough Borough Council’s executive manager for entertainments and conferences, said: “In response to a number of requests from promoters, traders and the public, SBC has facilitated a meeting of promoters, venues and businesses related to the goth weekends to discuss sustainable development of future events.

“There has been an initial meeting and another one will take place during the forthcoming goth weekend.

“A number of proposals have been made and these will be discussed in more detail when we meet.

“However we have already agreed it is vitally important we release the dates for 2012 in time for visitors attending this weekend.

“Many see the events at the pavilion and leisure centre as the corner stones of the weekends and we are very happy to be able to assist in making this announcement.

“Future developments are very much in the hands of the promoters, traders and the goth community but the council will play its part in developing the weekends and be part of the dialogue.”

The news is likely to be widely welcomed by festival-goers and traders alike as many have been discouraged by the confusion created by the split dates.

Regular visitor Rosalind Saul said: “The weekend that’s just gone was really good but there was something missing, it wasn’t as it used to be.

“It created a lot for steam punk and Victorian goths, but it felt like other genres weren’t there and so you didn’t have that great mix of styles that used to be around.

“When I arrived there was confusion about which weekend it was and people were saying is it this weekend or not?”

However, she welcomed the fact there would once be a single goth weekend and hoped that the sense of community could be restored.

“I think it’s fantastic news,” she added.

“I remember thinking back last year and thinking it was a pity that it was split.

“Obviously there’s been difficulties but the atmosphere hasn’t been quite the same and so it’s good that they’re back together because that’s what people want.”

Alex Hoyle of Dark Daisy Promotions said: “We were really pleased with the turn out and numbers are estimated at well above 1,000 who came to the town for the two festivals .

“There were some fabulous trade stalls across three venues and evening events were very well attended and many at venue capacity.

“We ran events at The Resolution, The Rifle Club and The Met over the weekend with trading also at the leisure centre and we plan on continuing to expand the event throughout town in the future.”

The next Whitby Goth Weekend is set to be held on 26 to 30 April.