Mountaineering photographer gives talk

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A MOUNTAINEERING photographer is set to showcase his work at a talk with the Whitby Photographic Society on Thursday.

Peter Leeming, a professional photographer, will deliver a talk entitled Mountain Landscapes at the Normanby Room at Whitby Museum.

A biologist by training, he recently appeared on ITV, showing presenter Gethin Jones around Boulby cliffs.

The keen mountaineer said: “Paradoxically, I’m not that interested in photography.

“Photographs yes, and conversations on an emotional level about photographs.

“Spending time in high mountains has informed who I am, what I feel and what I believe.

“I’m interested in being creative, interested in being able to express myself through my images.

“I’m interested in developing an intimate and respectful relationship with the land and most interested in striving for authenticity in my work.”

The talk will start at 6.45pm. Entry is free for society members and £2 for non-members.