LP Dance Centre medal test results

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The following pupils of the LP Dance Centre were successful with their medal tests and examinations taken with the National Association of Teachers of Dancing. The examiner was Dawn Bartlett from Birmingham who awarded all pupils with Highly Commended (85% and over) which was a great result.

The NATD offer a wide range of exams and medal tests to suit all ages, the youngest pupil to take an examination this time was three and the eldest was over 80, which proves just how diverse the teachers at the LP Dance Centre have to be to train candidates for their tests.

Little ones who start at the age of three can take easy tests that have been designed especially for them to shwo the very basic steps and movement required for ones so young - these are Rainbow Awards - the award builds up each time they step out to take a test. The dances include Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Quickstep, Social Foxtrot, Jive, Salsa, Square Tango and Disco Freestyle. The following pupils at the LP Dance Centre completed their Rainbow Award during 2010, the youngest recipient Romi Page being just four years old.

Charles Beaumont, Lucy Beaumont, Neve Bellew, Jay Brown, Roma Collum, Emily Leather, Deri Mason, Romi Page, Ellie Powell, Megan Simpson, Charlotte Wood.

Once they have completed their Rainbow Award they can then go on to take the psecial Pot of Gold before progressing to the more serious dance awards.

Ballroom Rainbow Award

Charles Beaumont, Lucy Beaumont, Tiana Curnow, Joleigh Davidson, Charlie Dodds, Emily Franks, Poppy Hartley, Georgia Hewison, Freya Jackson, Maisie Lambert, Emily Leather, Thomas Newton, Romi Page, Anna Willison.

Rainbow Len Goodman Award

Charles Beaumont, Lucy Beaumont, Emily Leather, Mani Locker, Ellie Powell.

Ballroom Pot of Gold

Charles Beaumont, Romi Page, Ellie Powell, Annabel Scholey.

Ballroom Popular Dance Tests

Safia Butler, Jodie Clarkson, Holly Cleever, Maeve Clenaghan, Mani Locker, Madeleine Lodge, Poppy Newton, Jessica Ward, Charlotte Wood.

Ballroom Len Goodman One Dance Tests

Philip Beaumont, Richard Beaumont, Abigail Emmerson, Joshua Emmerson, Bethany Tiplady.

Bronze Ballroom, Latin and mixed

Samuel Coulson, Abigail Emmerson, Joshua Emmerson, Danielle Walker.

Silver Ballroom, Latin and mixed

Eleanor Collier, Bethany Dobson, Amy Dodds, Poppy Draper, Daniel Hodgson, Rhian Hodgson, Evie Mason, Sharise McClure, Ashleigh Swales, Bethany Tiplady.

Gold One Dance Tests

Abigail Doherty, Molly Havelock, Emma Norman.

Gold Cross/Gold Bar Ballroom, Latin and mixed

Charlotte Allan, Christopher Colebrooke, Amelia Copley, Sophie Hicks, Phoebe Ross, Bethany Thompson.

National Award Ballroom and Latin

Gemma Clarkson, Hannah Dawson, Amber Nattriss, Emma Norman, Emily Pybus.

Disco Rainbow Award

Neve Bellew, Brooke Benson, Aalyiah Breckon, Izabel Graham, Saskia Harland, Poppy Hartley, Lilli Hunter, Faith Inglis, Tallula Kelly, Anais Mason, Romi Page, Esmee Pearson, Lillybelle Whiteley.

Disco Popular Dance Tests

Kacey Baldwin, Jay Brown, Roma Collum, Jessie Locker, Deri Mason, Maisie Shaw, Charlotte Sparks, Alysha Swales, Katy Ventress, Tia Ventress, Abbie White.

Street Popular Dance Tests

Jay Brown, Roma Collum, Deri Mason.

Bronze Disco

Ellie Clarke, Jasmine Draper, Georgia Hutchinson.

Gold Disco

Bethany Dobson

Gold Cross/Bar Disco

Samantha Fenwick, Lauren Puckrin, Charlotte Robinson, Millie Storr, Jasmine Swaine, Tilly Ward

Premier Award Disco

Gemma Clarkson, Adele Michie, Amy Middleton, Bethany Middleton.


Bronze Ballroom and Latin

Ann Livsey, Barbara Thomas.

Silver Ballroom and Latin

Marion Smith, Barbara Thomas.

Gold Ballroom, Latin, Sequence and Len Goodman Awards

Susan Clarke, Nina Darrington, Simon Darrington, Denise Hart, Andrew Hodgson, Lynne Robertson

Gold Rock ‘n Roll

Sue Clark and Barrie Mills

Gold Cross/Bar Ballroom, Latin and Sequence

Chris Bunn, Mike Bunn, Denise Hart.

National Award Ballroom and Latin American

Vienna Lupton-Jackson, Elizabeth Middleton, Garry Middleton, Karen O’Connell, John Pownall.

Professional Examinations

Ballroom: Tom Cross, Preliminary Student; Latin American: Marjorie Wilson, Dance Diploma; Rebecca Gibson, Associate Jive; Disco Freestyle: Cheryl Davis, Associate; Disco Street, Alexandra Hartley, Associate.