Little lady queen of the beck

Littlebeck Rose Queen
Littlebeck Rose Queen

OVER 300 people braved the rain and turned out to welcome Littlebeck’s 57th Rose Queen.

Rosa Goodall (11) was the star of the show this year as she made her way down the river with her two attendants to be greeted by scores of children and spectators.

Outgoing Rose Queen Grace Sullivan handed over the crown before making her way back up the river.

Prior to the formal ceremony there had been the usual stalls, games and cream teas and other local children acted out the pageant, which this year was Snow White.

The total sum raised hasn’t been finalised yet but attentions have already turned to next year’s Rose Queen.

Rosa’s replacement has been lined up and the Rose Queen for 2013 has also been selected.

Julia Weeks, chair of the Littlebeck Village Hall Committee, said: “Rosa was involved in the play for quite a few years but moved a year ago. She still has the connection and we thought it was only fair to give her a chance.

“One little girl, who was in the play for the first time this year, is only four. Her mum was the Rose Queen 20 years ago – there is no fixed age to be the Rose Queen but they have to be old enough to enjoy the experience. Sometimes the younger ones bottle it and don’t want to get back on the float but that is called being four or five.”

Mrs Weeks said the event was only possible with the help of the committee and the support of local people.

She added: “We have had bigger crowds in the past but the support we get is fantastic.

“It raises enough money to run the vilage hall for a year which is why it was started in the first place.

“It is a lot of hard work but we are carrying on village traditions which are dying out so we are all for it.”

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