Just a knitterbug

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A NEW project is being launched at Pannett Art Gallery to raise awareness of bugs and creepy crawlies - both good and bad.

Together with the Friends of Pannett Park, the gallery is asking knitting enthusiasts to create larger than life, three-dimensional bugs that will be included in a new display.

Curator Helen Berry said: “Some bugs and insects are really useful, even essential for gardeners, such as worms, bees and ladybirds.

“Unfortunately, in an art gallery there are only bad bugs, such as moths, furniture beetles, carpet beets and many more.

“All of these can have a devastating effect by munching their way through our historic collections.”

The display will raise awareness of all these different creatures and highlgiht the hard work that goes into protecting the precious artefacts on display at the museum.

Free knitting patterns are available on the internet at various sites and improvisation is encouraged to allow the creation of the various creatures.

To submit your knitted insects, send them to Helen Berry, Pannett Art Galler, Pannett Park, Whitby, YO21 1RE by Friday 1 July.