Invite to dawn chorus walk through forest

EARLY birds are being invited to set their alarm clocks for a 5am audience with the Animal Kingdom.

The Forestry Commission is staging a magical dawn chorus walk in Dalby Forest near Whitby on Saturday 7 May, followed by a hearty breakfast in the woods.

Warblers, chiffchaffs, tits and goldfinches will be at their most tuneful, while woodpeckers hammer out a percussion beat. Experts say the dawn chorus is made up of thousands of battle songs by males defending territories and invitations to females to pay a call.

Recreation manager Cath Brason said: “We’ve organised the walk as part of International Dawn Chorus Day. Every dawn chorus is unique and the absence of traffic noise in Dalby adds to the bewitching effect.”

The walk will be up to four miles long, including hilly sections, and booking is required on (01751) 472771.

It costs £10 including a bacon butty and refreshments in Dalby Forest Visitor Centre.