Gothic event organiser defends dates chaos

TWO separate Goth weekends will not be allowed to happen again next year according to the organiser of the main event.

Jo Hampshire says divisions within the Goth scene have put Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) which operates the venue for much of the live music, in a difficult position.

Her comments come after Dark Daisy, organisers of the Goth weekend fringe events, said two sets of dates were the reason they had to cancel some of their music events at the Pavilion.

She said: “The impression I get is that going forward two Gothic weekends won’t be allowed to happen in future.

“I get the impression SBC don’t want to be put in this position again where there are two weekends competing against each other.”

Ms Hampshire’s Whitby Gothic Weekend will take place from Friday 25 March to Sunday 27 March and the Whitby Alt Festival, fronted by Sam Hoyle, has been booked between Friday 1 April to Monday 4 April.

Ms Hampshire said she hadn’t tried to be difficult with dates but with Easter falling at the end of April and the number of festivals and events increasing from May onwards it had to be brought forward.

She added: “They announced first, I did not spite them by booking different dates, I had already got them booked.

“I have been running mine for 17 years, there will be no difference in the way I run it, I am going to carry on doing what I do.”

She doesn’t think that the Goth events running over two weekends will affect hers because there is such a variety of people coming now from Victorian Gothic, to steam punk to music enthusiasts.

Ms Hampshire added: “This will be almost as busy as the Halloween weekend. There will be a lot of people in town.

“I am not expecting this will affect our weekend because so many people come with their friends, they don’t necessarily come to the Spa and a lot had already booked their accommodation based on the dates we had announced.”