Giant fisherman’s pier tribute


FISHING in Whitby is bigger than ever and here’s the proof, as a giant sculpture of a fisherman is lowered into place on Whitby’s West Pier.

The 12-feet tall sculpture, entitled A High Tide in Short Wellies is by renowned County Durham artist Ray Lonsdale and will be situated on the pier until 10 December.

The artist said: “Whitby seems to be the ideal location for the piece as it is all about the decline in the fishing industry and Whitby is such a nice area which has kept its fishing traditions.

“I hope that people get enjoyment from my sculptures but also reflect on the sensitivity and emotion which I have tried to convey through my work.”

The sculptor has used steel to imitate the textures of the fisherman’s clothing, from his woollen hat down to his Wellington boots.

He clasps a fishing rod and has a bearded face, made from hand-cut steel plates.

A poem at the sculpture’s base makes a statement about the decline of the fishing industry.

Another of Ray’s sculptures will be located close to the Oasis Cafe in Scarborough’s North Bay.

Entitled Freddie Gilroy and the Belson Stragglers the piece is based on a retired miner who turned out to be one of the first soldiers to relieve the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the end of the Second World War.

Ray added: “Scarborough is another unique town and I am pleased that my sculpture will be on show there for residents and visitors alike to look at and enjoy.

“This piece is almost a war memorial as it depicts the lives of all those who suffered during the World Wars.”

The two pieces of art are for sale through ArtsBank at Saltburn by the Sea.

For more information call (01287) 625300 or email