Gallery shows nature and beauty of moors

w062107b 22/5 pic DJ'Port Mulgrave artist Gail Hurst is opening her studio to the public
w062107b 22/5 pic DJ'Port Mulgrave artist Gail Hurst is opening her studio to the public

A COLLECTION of local artists have come together to exhibit their work at the Inspired By... gallery at Danby’s Moors Centre.

The exhibition is a mixture of both recognisable and deeply personalised images which exploit the mysteries, beauty and nature of the North Yorkshire moors and coast.

The artists all live and work in the area and use a huge range of media to create fascinating perspectives of familiar views in the region.

The exhibition, called A Sense of Place shows each artist’s unique aspect of the stunning scenery, inspired directly by the their own locality.

Gail Hurst (pictured right) and Sue Morton are both painters who love working by the sea. Sue portrays the distinctive character of coastal villages and the fascinating interplay of local traditional structures within beautiful wild landscapes.

Gail prefers working outdoors and is intensely moved by the brooding vastness of the moors, the dramatic coastline and the impact of seasonal and atmospheric changes on the landscape.

Jayne Hibbel is a glass artist who depicts the natural scenes from moors life.

By capturing these in rich reflective and translucent glass, Jayne casts light beams reflecting the colours of her surroundings. Jennifer Tetlow sculpts birds and animals in stone – inspired by the abundance of wildlife near her workshop she carves tactile, lively pieces full of expression and character.

The exhibition will be held at The Inspired By... Gallery, from 25 August to the 6 September.

Visitors can view the inspiring collection between 10am and 5pm every day with the opportunity to attend demonstrations by the artists themselves on 27 August between and 1pm and 4pm.

For more information call (01439) 772737.