Gallery celebrates 10 years with autumn show

Peter Hicks and Neil Hodgson
Peter Hicks and Neil Hodgson
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SANDSEND’S Turnstone Gallery celebrates its 10th birthday with a new autumn show, All Year Long.

Personal connections inform this exhibition, which brings together Peter Hicks and Neil Hodgson together for their first joint show in a private gallery.

Peter lives in Danby and it his interpretation of the landscape of the moors for which he is widely known.

Seeking refreshment of several kinds, he has developed a friendship and working partnership with Neil, a photographer who co-owns the Sandside Café in Sandsend.

Turnstone Gallery is fortunate to have shown Peter’s work for some time. he initial link with Neil was the fact that the gallery and café are located on opposite sides of the road, but this has taken a new direction as Neil has concentrated more on his photography.

The pair have spent a year working on this exhibition, through the seasons, of coastal locations.

Peter’s work is rarely detailed – he takes out people, animals and walls – in his search for the spirit of place and atmosphere.

It is an abstracted style, but the scenes are familiar and recognisable. By contrast, Neil’s photographs are detailed but present an abstract image as he lays the foundations for people to look at the abstract with a new eye.

The focus of this exhibition is on how Peter and Neil, in different ways, enable the familiar to become a “gateway through which we can access the less immediately obvious”.

The personal and artistic connections combine to make this a rare opportunity to experience a harmonious exhibition of pictures and photographs.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 15 September (from 2pm) until Sunday 4 November.

Turnstone Gallery is open daily except Wednesdays, 11am to 5pm, free admission.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the gallery website, or calling (01947) 893289.