Film company to ‘bring’ Hollywood to Whitby

A TEAM of film makers are setting up a base in the north of England that will see multi-million pound movies made in the Whitby area.

Independent film makers Liquid Noise Films North has acquired screenplays and literary properties with a value of £25 million and hopes to develop other projects in the coming year.

Projects currently in development include ‘Fort Venus’, a biopic of the early life of Captain Cook that explores his relationship with his wife Elizabeth and his first voyage.

Another feature set in Whitby is ‘The Vampyre Quartet’, a teen chiller feature.

In total, Liquid Noise North have a slate of nine films currently in development with a total budget value of $200 million.

Local author GP Taylor has recently joined the company. His book, ‘Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box’ has just been turned into a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie starring Michael Sheen, Sam Neill and Lena Heady.

In an agreement with Hollywood producers, Liquid Noise North will be bringing a $50 million movie to the north east next year, with the feature being primarily filmed in Hartlepool, York, Harrogate and Durham.