Ewan made me starstruck, says Downton’s Jo

Joanne Froggatt of Littlebeck
Joanne Froggatt of Littlebeck

Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt may have won a global following thanks to the phenomenal success of the hit show, but she still gets starstruck.

The Littlebeck-born actress, 33, who plays lovable Anna Bates in the Emmy award-winning series, admitted she was lost for words when she bumped into Hollywood star Ewan McGregor. In a national newspaper interview, she revealed that she and her husband, James Cannon, spotted the Star Wars actor while out.

She said: “He walked right past and me and my husband were going ‘Ooh, it’s Ewan McGregor’. Then James said, ‘Oh no, he’s seen me looking at him’ and I was going ‘Don’t look, just act really cool’.”

When McGregor and his wife Eve approached the couple, they feared they were going to get a ticking off for staring at him - but instead he revealed he is a massive Downton fan.

Froggatt said: “I whispered to James, ‘Do you think we’ve offended him?’. Then Ewan went: ‘I’m so sorry. Did you see us staring at you? We’re massive Downton fans and our girls love the show.’

“That was amazing, and we ended up having a lovely evening with them.”

Jo revealed she has been inundated with acting offers following the show’s success.