Emmerdale crew are sick of Whitby

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AFTER a week of filming in Whitby it would seem the stars of Emmerdale are thoroughly sick of it.

But they haven’t fallen out of favour with the town, they were filming on a fishing boat and were struck down with seasickness.

After filming on dry land at various locations throughout the town Danny Miller and Marc Silcock who play Aaron Livesy and Jackson Walsh along with Pauline Quirke who is Jackson’s mother in the show seemed to be enjoying a fishing trip in scenes due to be aired later this year.

John Whitton’s boat Never Can Tell was used for the show and Ken Graham, skipper of Libby, was asked to accompany them out at sea last Thursday as a safety back up boat.

They spent about three hours filming out at sea and three hours in the marina.

Mr Whitton has been sworn to secrecy about the plot line involved and said people would have to wait until May when the scenes will be aired.

He added: “It is in the contract not to divulge. Pauline Quirk was supposed to be sick in the script but she was fine. The two lads were supposed to be taking the mickey but they were as sick as dogs to the point where we had to come into the harbour to finish shooting.

“It is a shame the weather was not better, it was a horrible day really. They tried to go out on the Tuesday but cancelled it because it was so obnoxious.

“When we went on Thursday it was marginally better but there was a heavier swell.”

However, Mr Whitton wasn’t starstruck and doesn’t reckon these will be his first steps into showbiz.

He added: “It was a bit repetitive as they did take after take but it is a different way of earning your money. I was in charge of the boat but they used an actor to play me.”

Mr Graham also couldn’t give away the storyline adding: “We never saw much really, we were kept at a distance away from the cameras but there are all sorts of rumours going around.”

Bosses at the ITV show have been tight-lipped about what happens but it is thought the trip to Whitby was a holiday treat for Jackson who was left paralysed after the car he was in was hit by a train.

It is thought filming in Whitby could be linked to a suicide storyline earmarked for the soap.